Vorprojekt: The birdy flutist (2013)

In the seminar „Wissenschaft und Kunst“ in the university. We got to work with Phd students to develop something together. I worked with the bird’s researcher Emeline Mourocq. We made two short videos.

The first one is „Scientific studies on a birdy flutist“. It’s the translation of the experiment done by Emeline with birds in the field (South of Spain).

The exposure of the bird to different calls (normally the call of the predator bird) and the observation of the bird’s behaviour afterwards (stress, nesting, number of eggs, flight) is a basic experiment for the research on life story of birds and their relationship with predation/reproduction.

What happens if we replace the bird with a flutist? How does the the flutist respond to the calls the scientist prepared for him?

The experiment looks the behaviour of the flutist and is an improvisations arrangement.

The second video is called „Los flautistas quisieran ser como pájaros“ (Flutists would like to be like birds) The video shows just the attempt of Ivan Denes to learn and imitate the calls of the birds in south spain for the improvisation in the experiment with the scientist.

-Ivan Denes

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